About Me


Richard Rembert

NYC Travel Photographer

Richard Rembert originates from Irmo, SC via New Jersey.  He’s always had a keen interest in capturing his vision of the world around him, from constantly sketching stuff as a young child to embarking on his first solo travels through his time in the hospitality industry.  After leaving Business College at 20, Richard worked as a food and beverage server/supervisor in Charlotte, NC, often abroad for weeks at a time.  Yet despite the early starts and late finishes, he would still find time to grab his own camera whenever and wherever he could.  Developing his own style and collecting clients along the way, Richard felt the time was right to go at it alone in 2015 and decided to move to New York City to pursue a photography career.  

What motivates Richard above all else, is to try and ‘involve’ the viewer in the image.  It’s this ‘caught in the moment’ style that differentiates his work, making it almost tangible.  Uninhibited, but with a unique clarity of vision, he brings a wealth of personal experience and reference to his pictures. “My lens is a two way tool – the superficial image on one side and my own instinctive need for authenticity on the other”. 

Aside from selling his fine art & photography prints, Richard continues to passionately share his photography tips, adventures, and travels with his 1 million followers hoping to inspire them to capture beautiful memories with whatever camera they have.